VFD&Controllers Multi-inverter MQ-Drive

Motor Power 0.75-22kW (1HP~30HP)
Input Power 3 x 220V/380V/440V
Main Frequency  50/60Hz
External Comm.  RS485, Internet


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The MQ-DRIVE is a Fully integrated multi-pump specific controller which includes 2 to 6 frequency inverters(one per pump) mounted in one compact unit.

Specially designed for booster systems, the MQ-DRIVE can link together up to six pumps and automatically control the speed of the individuals pumps to adjust the system performance to variations in water demand.

Each frequency inverter mounted inside MQ-DRIVE can be a “Master inverter” and it is possible to run all pumps in multi-controller mode and allows each pump of the system to become a lead pump.

If one master inverter fails, either another one is used to take the full responsibility and a steady control of the system.


Pressure boosting system, Water Supply system, Irrigation system, Water treatment system, Industrial plants


  • Automatic adjustment of the pump performance to varying demands
  • Constant discharge pressure
  • Multi-pump capability up to 6 pumps
  • All hydraulic control function included
  • Electrical and hydraulic pump protections
  • LCD display for system information
  • Longer maintenance intervals because of less stress to the pump and the motor
  • Small compact design and space saving