Fire Fighting Vertical Pump

As leading manufacture of energy efficient water pump/VFD we are well-known in our industry.
We create our products for a number of sectors.

Here at Dooch Co., Ltd. we pride ourselves in being seen as pioneers in the manufacture of 100% stainless steel water pumps and VFD. Competition in this field is fierce and we are competing against a number of globally-renowned businesses. However, it is our use of high-tech processes and innovative design, all the hallmarks of Dooch, which has set us apart from the rest. It is both our forward-thinking ethos and attention to detail that has helped us work our way up to become world class. Being in this position a global pioneer of such innovative technology means that Dooch Co., Ltd. is able to focus on the things that really matter; that is producing the highest quality, most energy efficient pump possible. Our pump including a fire fighting vertical pump and VFD are not only energy efficient, but also long-lasting and very easy to maintain because we have been able to put quality hand-in-hand with energy efficiency Dooch Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of the global pump industry. In short, we are able to offer our customers some of the best pumping solution available in the world today.

CEOFire Fighting Vertical Pump