Company History

We provide variable speed controlled pumping solutions

2016 – 2019

2019. 03 Participated in ISH 2019 fair at Frankfurt. Germany.

2018. 03 Participated in the Mostra Convegno Expocomport(MCE) 2018 of Milano. Italy.

2017. 08 Obtained the IP55 CE certificate for XQP and NSQP control panel.
2017. 05 Launched the TM 3.5, Obtained the High-efficiency energy product certificate for XQ drive.
2017. 04 Establishes Dooch global business Center in Gunpo-si.
2017. 03 Obtained the certificate KS B 7501 for small volute pump, Participated in the International trade fair for sanitation, heating and air(ISH) of Frankfurt, Germany.

2016. 08 Applied the 3 years warranty policy.(the first case among the booster pump companies.)
2016. 07 Obtained the KS certification for submersible pump.
2016. 05 Established the HQ and second factory in Hwaseong-si, Korea.
2016. 03 Obtained the CE certification for drive, pump and controllers.

2011 – 2015

2015. 09 Released the new products of Multi-stage turbine pump and Wesco pump.
2015. 08 Obtained the Designation of excellent product certification from Public procurement service.
2015. 03 Established the Dooch Shanghai factory in China, Obtained the new excellent product certification.

2014. 11 Obtained the GOOD DESIGN reward (XQP-Booster pump system)
2014. 08 Released the premium booster pump system (XQP Series)

2013. 07 Developed and Released the new product of Independent booster system. (HQ)
2013. 06 Developed and Released the new product of Self-priming pump. (JQ)
2013. 03 Awarded as an Overseas procurement market PQ company by public procurement service.

2012. 05 Obtained the KC certification for Booster pump.
2012. 04 Developed and Released the new product of Dual booster pump.(TQ)

2011. 12 Awarded Million dollars export trophy.
2011. 06 Developed the Internet remote control system for booster pump.
2011. 05 Developed and Released the new product of Small inverter pump. (SQ)

2006 – 2010

2010. 11 Obtained the CE certification for Pump inverter. (NQ-drive)
2010. 06 Certified for designation of excellent product by public procurement service. (MQ-Booster pump)
2010. 04 Certified for excellent performance by small and medium business administration. (MQ-Booster pump)

2009. 09 Selected as one of the promising export companies in Gyeonggi-do.
2009. 08 Developed the Multi-inverter for booster pump. (MQ-Drive)
2009. 05 Registered the patent of Multi-inverter control booster pump.

2008. 12 Designated as a company of Military service exception by Military manpower administration.
2008. 06 Designated as a promising export company by small and medium business administration.
2008. 01 Re-located the technology R&D Center to Hwaseong H.Q.

2007. 10 Re-located the HQ in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do.
2007. 06 Obtained the Designation of excellent product certification from public procurement service. (IQ-Booster pump)
2007. 03 Obtained the R-mark certification from Ministry of knowledge economy.

2006. 06 Obtained the New excellent product (NEP) certification from ministry of knowledge economy. (IQ-Booster pump)
2006. 04 Certified for INNO-BIZ company by small and medium business administration.
2006. 01 Obtained the New technology ventured company certification from small and medium business administration.

1998 – 2005

2005. 11 Established technology R&D center in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do.
2005. 04 Established Shanghai Dooch manufacturing facility, Re-registered the company name Dooch Co., Ltd.

2004. 11 Developed the inverter for pump. (IQ-Drive)
2004. 04 Registered the patent for Vaccum pump, Obtained the energy efficient certification from the Korea energy agency.

2003. 04 Move the HQ and factory to Namdogn industrial complex in Incheon.

1998. 12 Developed the vertical multistage pump. (DSP model)
1998. 11 Developed the waterring vacuum pump.
1998. 10 Established Dooch Co., Ltd. in Incheon

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