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Booster Pump System Individual Inverter Booster System

MAX. Flow(Q)  1080㎥/h
MAX. Head(H)  245m
Motor Power 0.75kW ~ 22kW (1~30HP)
Available Power  3PHx380Vx50Hz / 1PHx220Vx50Hz
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The NSQ series are the high technology water supply systems. It contains pumps with pump inverters (NSQ drives, developed by DOOCH own) respectively, and all of them are controlled by those individual inverters.

This is power saving booster pump system, what available for operation load optimization according to water supply, and can be operated according to actual operation rate of each pump. Also, this contains the master inverter function that can control the whole system. This enables interactive operations amongst pumps, without specific main pump controller. Moreover, even though main master pump fails, one of the other pumps is altered as a master pump, in place of that. So, this brings the stable.

* Variable Speed Drive Pump


Water supply systems, Irrigation systems, Water treatment systems, Industrial plants, Sprinkler


  • Each pump are individually controlled by NSQ drive.
  • High reliability (Multi-master control)
  • Constant discharge pressure
  • Reduced tank and panel size
  • Less wear of the system during operation
  • Compact assembly and installation
  • High reliability with an installation of two pressure transmitter
  • Lowest possible energy consumption
  • Up to 22kW and connection of up to 6 pumps
  • Water Booster System