In-line Pump Individual Inverter In-line Pump
NSQ-DP Series
- Booster Pump System

MAX. Flow(Q)  480㎥/h
MAX. Head(H)  83m
Motor Power 0.75kW ~ 22kW (1~30HP)
Available Power  3PH 380V/50&60Hz, 1PH 220V/50&60Hz



NSQ-DP consist on an electric pump(DP pump) operated by an electronic control system. Comparing with DP pump, Nsq-Drive and DP pump together with the appropriate sensor is turned into an intelligent, variable speed pumping system.

* Booster Pump System


To control frequent water consumption, To supply water with constant pressure, To communicate pump with external comm | Dooch - Booster Pump System


  • Energy saving (MAX. 50%)
  • Optimize the pump operation
  • Water hammer protection and low noise operation
  • Compact assembly and installation
  • Eliminates the need for separate control panel, bypass lines and control valves.
  • Extend the life of the pump
  • Easy and convenient installation
  • User friendly
  • Booster Pump System